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Structural Material Manager Software Documentation

Beginning with Structural Material Manager Version 7.1, the printed User’s Guide was replaced with an electronic book that is built into the program’s Help menu.

One version of the built-in User’s Guide is in an HTML (HyperText Markup Language) format just like a Web page. That allows the book to be viewed, searched, etc. in your computer’s default Web browser such as Internet Explorer and Netscape.

You may also select a PDF (Portable Document Format) version of the book. PDF files retain a consistent look in terms of page layout, fonts, etc. across different platforms and target printers. Thus, this printer-friendly version of the User’s Guide is the perfect choice for customers who need to print a hardcopy of the book (perhaps because the printed copy supplied by E.J.E. Industries has been misplaced).

Regardless of whether you choose the HTML or PDF version, note that the electronic book is accessed by clicking "Help" and then "User's Guide" within Structural Material Manager. That, of course, assumes that Structural Material Manager is already installed; if you have not yet loaded the program, the two versions of the book are available at the Structural Material Manager setup program's main screen by clicking the "View User's Guide (HTML)" or "View User's Guide (PDF)" buttons, respectively.

Once again, the User's Guide is built into the Structural Material Manager program. If, however, you need to reference the latest copy of the book online for some reason, you can view the HTML version by clicking here. You can download the PDF version as a file from either from our FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server or our HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) server; if your particular system has trouble obtaining the file from one server, simply try the other:

Note that Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader program is required for the PDF version of the book. E.J.E. Industries, Inc. is licensed to distribute this program and includes it on all Structural Material Manager program CDs. You may also download the latest version directly from Adobe by clicking the link below.