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Structural Material Manager Demo Activation Form

The first time your Structural Material Manager demo software is run, a Demo User ID Code appears. You then provide this code to E.J.E. Industries. After checking the validity of the information, we'll supply a corresponding Demo Activation Code (usually within one business day). All you need to do is type the Demo Activation Code the next time you run Structural Material Manager, and the demo will be ready to provide 25 reports from the full package!

You can use this on-line demo activation form to submit your Demo User ID Code if you wish, but all modern demo versions contain a built-in dialog for submitting the code directly from any Internet-connected PC. So, this demo activation form should only be needed if you are activating an older demo version or if you need to activate a demo on a PC that is not connected to the Internet.

You can supply your Demo User ID Code below. Also supply a complete company name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.

IMPORTANT: Please verify that the User ID Code you submit contains either 15 or 17 characters including the dash. Demo Versions 7.1a through 8.0s use a 15-character code, and all demos Version 8.0t and later utilize a 17-character code. Also, remember that the User ID Code is not just some arbitrary code of your own choosing (such as "Acme Steel Fab") but is a specific set of characters displayed when the Structural Material Manager demo is first run.

Demo User ID Code:
State or Province:
Zip or Postal Code:
Email Address:
Re-type Email:

Please indicate how you learned about the Structural Material Manager system.

Source: Not sure / unknown
Modern Steel Construction magazine
Received an e-mail message
Received a fax
Received a flyer and/or demo CD in the mail
Ad on Steel Erectors Association of America (SEAA) Website
Ad on some Website other than SEAA
Searched the Internet (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.)
Referral (please explain below)
Used at previous employer (please explain below)
Other (please explain below)

If the source was "Referral" or "Other," please explain:


Please describe your company's line of work (check all that apply):

Work: Structural fabrication
Miscellaneous fabrication
Steel erection
Metals supplier
Steel detailing
Steel estimating

You may now indicate the manner in which your prefer E.J.E. Industries to provide you with your Structural Material Manager demo activation code. Please note that e-mail is the preferred method for supplying the code. Select "fax" only if you do not have an e-mail address; select "phone" only if you have neither e-mail nor fax capabilities.

Reply Method: By replying to the e-mail address I have specified above (preferred method)
By sending a fax to the fax number I have specified above (best method when e-mail is not available)
By calling me at the phone number I have specified above