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Software Information

Structural Material Manager is a network-ready, IBM PC-compatible software program that aids steel fabricators in managing material lists. First released in 1985, Structural Material Manager is installed in over 1,500 locations with more than 4,000 licensed users among them.

See What Upgrades Have Been Released! - Structural Material Manager is constantly being upgraded. Some new releases are evolutionary while others - such as the new 64-bit architecture - are revolutionary. Click here to see the features introduced in various upgrades. Any customer with an older version can e-mail us at to obtain a price quote on the upgrade.

Free Software Demo! - Try before you buy! Click here to order a free, no-obligation Structural Material Manager demo kit. The demo runs under Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1. Please note that the demo is "live" and allows 25 reports using our full system!

Program documentation - The User's Guide is the primary source of Structural Material Manager information.

Training Videos - The User's Guide is supplemented by videos showing various program functions in action.

Complete Software Overview - Detailed information concerning all aspects of our software package, such as estimating, nesting (multing), production-control, CAD interfacing, etc.

Software Price List - A complete breakdown of each module and its price.

Investment Plan - Need help financing your investment? Our 12-month, 0% interest flex-plan will help!

Adhesive Item Labels - Describes the adhesive labels which Structural Material Manager can print as item-identification tags.

1985 - A look back at the year Structural Material Manager was released.

1,500+ Installed Sites - Can 1,500 companies with more than 4,000 licensed users among them be wrong?

Program Documentation - Discusses the manner in which Structural Material Manager User's Guide is provided in electronic formats.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Answers common non-technical questions about our company and our software. For software troubleshooting and related questions, see the Technical Support link below.