Computer Software for Steel Professionals

Structural Material Manager Software Price List

MAIN SYSTEM: $1,495.00. This is the "core" of the package, the foundation of the system onto which other modules can be added. It provides material entry, weights, surface areas, bolt counts, lineal totals, unsorted reports, sorted reports and all system utilities. The main system includes lifetime technical support for itself and any options that are added to it.


LENGTH-NESTING MODULE: $995.00. Optimum length-nesting capability is provided by this module. The printout added by this option groups together items that should be cut from the same stock length for the least amount of wasted or "dropped" material. The Length-Nesting Module option includes the Inventory Module that allows the system to utilize and update in-house stock.


PLATE-NESTING MODULE: $995.00. The Plate-Nesting Module is similar to its Length-Nesting counterpart, but it works in two dimensions rather than one. Accordingly, it finds the optimum cut of square and rectangular items from stock sheets or plates. It provides a scaled picture that represents the layout required to cut the items from the stock.


ESTIMATING MODULE: $995.00. This option allows the user to enter material price, shop hours and field hours values for each item. A report is then available summarizing this information for the entire job. In addition to such figures as total material costs and labor hours, this option also allows the system to calculate actual paint and primer requirements in gallons.


PRODUCTION-CONTROL MODULE: $995.00. This module adds the capability to print Shipping Lists and Shipping Tickets. As items are shipped, it updates the Production-Control History for a job, which enables it to supply complete Shipping Status Reports listing every piece and shipment date, or just Shortage Reports listing only items that have not yet shipped.


EXTERNAL DATA INTERFACE: $995.00. The External Data Interface is beneficial to companies that already have their item lists stored in a computer from another software system such as a CAD program. This option allows the existing data to be imported into the Structural Material Manager without the need for re-typing the items.


ADDITIONAL COPIES OF THE SYSTEM: $995.00 each. If you wish to run the Structural Material Manager on more than one computer at a time, additional copies of the system may be purchased at discounted prices. The same prices apply whether you are adding an extra user on a network or are licensing the system for use on another stand-alone PC. It is important to note that the Structural Material Manager is supplied network-ready by default, so there is no need to inform E.J.E. Industries as to whether an additional user license is for network or stand-alone use.


MULTI-SITE LICENSE: $1,995.00. If your company has two or more locations, additional locations may purchase the system under the Multi-Site License discount. Additional sites that purchase the Multi-Site License receive the Main System and all optional modules owned by the first site. This represents a savings of between $495.00 and $4,975.00 depending on how many of the (5) available options the original site owns.