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Structural Material Manager Software Videos

The User's Guide is the primary source of Structural Material Manager information. It is available at the program's setup screen before installation, in the Help menu after installation or online by clicking here. Sometimes, though, a picture really is worth a thousand words, and that is the purpose of the videos you'll find at this page. They are not meant to replace the User's Guide but, rather, to supplement it.


Plate-to-Bar and Bar-to-Plate Conversions - If you receive a bill of material only to find that many items that you'd prefer to specify as Bars are instead listed as Plates, don't fret. Simply allow Structural Material Manager to handle the conversion. Its Plate-to-Bar and Bar-to-Plate functions easily switch back and forth between the two designations.

Display Styles - Tired of the same-old-same-old when it comes to the look and feel of your Windows applications? Structural Material Manager provides over 50 custom display styles from which to choose. Some subtly freshen the Graphical User Interface (GUI) experience whereas others dramatically alter the appearance.

Multiple Selections - Microsoft Windows' concept of a multiple selection is very useful when entering Structural Material Manager bills of material.

Importing CAD Bills of Material - There is no need to re-type bills of material that already exist in a steel detailing system. Simply have that application export the material list to Structural Material Manager's External Data Interface format (or even the generalized KISS format), and Structural Material Manager can then import the items.