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Structural Material Manager was first released in 1985. As of this writing, E.J.E. Industries, Inc. is proud to have the system installed in over 1,500 locations with more than 4,000 licensed users among them! These 1,400+ companies - fabricators, detailers and suppliers throughout North America - have found Structural Material Manager to be the most productive material list manager available as they use it to perform the following work:

  • Main Module computes weights, surface areas, bolt counts & lineal totals.
  • Length-Nesting Module produces optimal cut lists from in-house stock, vendor stock, or the best combination of both.
  • Plate-Nesting Module draws the best layout for cutting plates from stock sheets.
  • Estimating Module tallies material costs, shop hours & field hours.
  • Production-Control Module prints shipping lists, loading tickets & job status reports.
  • External Data Interface imports existing data, such as bills of material in a CAD system, into the Structural Material Manager and eliminates the need for re-typing items.   

1,500 companies can't be wrong. Find out for yourself! Call, fax or e-mail today, and we'll send you a FREE, no-obligation, fully-functional demo CD. The demo includes all the modules and the complete system's user's guide.