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Structural Material Manager Flex-Plan

0% interest

E.J.E. Industries, Inc. offers an investment plan on the Structural Material Manager software system. Our 0% interest "flex-plan" lets you specify any number of months, up to 12 months maximum, over which you would like to make your investment. This plan gives you literally a full year in which to make the lowest possible payments. As you are making payments, the software is thus "paying for itself" through daily productivity gains.

Using the flex-plan is easy. You simply add the prices of the Main System and any options you need; this is your software total. Next, add the $20.00 service charge for the flex-plan. Your grand total is then obtained by adding the cost of the shipping method of your choice (such as $15.00 for FedEx Express Saver). Simply divide your grand total by the number of months you select, such as 12, and this is your monthly investment.

For example, consider a Structural Material Manager system comprised of the Main System and Length-Nesting Module. The Main System is $1,495.00, and the Length-Nesting Module is $795.00. This, plus the $20.00 service charge and $15.00 shipping, yields a total of $2,325.00. Under the 12-month plan, your investment is just $193.75/month!

It should be stressed that the flex-plan does not represent a lease or rental agreement. You are the full owner of the software at the end of the investment period and thus have complete rights to free, lifetime software support, inexpensive upgrades, etc.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at (724) 228-8841 with any questions.