Computer Software for Steel Professionals

Software Overview

The Big Picture - An informative "big picture" look at our entire software package.

Main System - An overview of the "core" of our software package onto which other modules can be added.

Length-Nesting Module - Click here to review our length-nesting capabilities.

Plate-Nesting Module - Reviews nesting of square and rectangular items from sheets or plates. A scaled picture of the layout is provided.

Inventory Tie-In - Information on our built-in inventory module can be found here.

Estimating Module - See how material price, shop and field hours, paint and primer requirements for an entire job can be easily calculated.

Production-Control Module - Click here for an overview of all of Structural Material Manager's shipping features, from shipping lists and tickets, to job status reports and more.

External Data Interface - Bills of material can be imported from, or exported to, other applications via the External Data Interface. This eliminates double entry of items!

Digital Plan Measures - Learn how Structural Material Manager supports the use of digital plan measuring tools.

Adhesive Item Labels - Describes the adhesive labels which Structural Material Manager can print as item-identification tags.

On-Line Documentatation - Details about the manner in which Structural Material Manager's printed User's Guide has been replaced with an electronic version.

Software Security Key - We address the reasons why we protect our system.