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Structural Material Manager Frequently Asked Questions

What will Structural Material Manager do for my business?

Structural Material Manager aids steel fabricators in managing material lists. It reduces the man-hours required to process the lists by requiring the operator to enter only the material items. The software then automatically provides weights, surface areas, paint/primer requirements, bolt counts, shipping lists, estimating reports and optimal cut-lists.

Structural Material Manager will also keep your company's in-house inventory. This allows an inventory dollar figure to be provided for accounting purposes. Our Length-Nesting Module can then add back any remnants (drops) after cutting the items. The software also interfaces to most CAD systems allowing the user to import bills of material directly into the software.

Is there a demo of Structural Material Manager available?

Yes. Our demo is essentially the complete Structural Material Manager software system with one restriction: it will allow 25 reports to be generated before it expires. Since the full system's operator's manual is provided, you can follow along in the tutorial just as if own the full system.

The demo is provided without charge or obligation. And, there's no need to return the demo when you're finished evaluating's yours to keep!

Use our online demo order form to request the demo CD.

Does Structural Material Manager interface to CAD?

Yes. One of the most powerful features of our software is the External Data Interface (EDI), a module that allows material lists stored in other software systems, such as a CAD program, to be read into Structural Material Manager. Once this data has been imported, Structural Material Manager can then nest both lineal items and plates, perform job estimates, keep an inventory, and fulfill all of your production-control needs!

How much does Structural Material Manager cost?

Structural Material Manager is modular, so your investment will vary depending on your needs. On average, however, new customers invest approximately $3,600.00. Because the system is modular, you may add to the software whenever you choose.

Does E.J.E. offer a financing plan?

Yes. Our 0% interest "flex-plan" lets you specify any number of months, up to 12 months maximum, over which you would like to make your investment. This plan gives you literally a full year in which to make the lowest possible payments. As you are making payments, the software is thus "paying for itself" through daily productivity gains.

In addition to our flex-plan, E.J.E. also accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Does E.J.E. charge its customers yearly fees for technical support?

E.J.E. Industries has never charged our customers subscription fees for using our technical services. This policy sets us apart from other companies that commonly charge 10% of the purchase price PER YEAR for support and upgrades, and then market upgrades as "free." In just a few years, these subscription rates can cost you thousands of dollars. Just add up the costs and see for yourself!

Does E.J.E. offer on-site demonstrations?

Even though our software is very user-friendly, we occasionally get requests for on-site demonstrations. E.J.E. has representatives in the following cities:

  • Delray Beach, Florida
  • Hacienda Heights, California
  • Langley, British Columbia
  • Kingston, Ontario

If your firm is located in or around one of the cities listed above, please call our office to arrange for an on-site demonstration.

Please note that the vast majority of our 1,400+ Structural Material Manager systems have been sold directly to the customer. The free demo kit, User's Guide and technical support that we provide all combine to provide user with all the information they could need. This strategy of avoiding unnecessary travel costs and sales commissions has enabled E.J.E. Industries to keep Structural Material Manager affordable!

Tell me about E.J.E. Industries.

E.J.E. Industries, Inc., established in 1980, is internationally recognized as the maker of Structural Material Manager, a software system that aids steel fabricators in managing material lists.

Located in Washington, Pennsylvania, E.J.E. Industries first released Structural Material Manager in 1985. With over 25 years of research and development, Structural Material Manager has evolved into a product that saves time, labor, and material. In addition to user-friendly software, our customers enjoy free, lifetime technical support via phone, fax and e-mail.

How many locations are using Structural Material Manager?

There are over 1,500 systems installed throughout North America, and those sites have over 4,000 licensed users among them.

I know little about computers. Is Structural Material Manager easy to learn?

Yes! E.J.E. assumes the users of our program to have a background in structural steel matters, but we also assume the user to be a novice where computers are concerned. All computer-related operations are thus explicitly described in step by step instructions in our User's Guide. We also provide our customers with free, lifetime technical support via a phone, fax and e-mail.

Are training sessions or seminars available at extra cost?

We do not offer any training classes for the Structural Material Manager software. The system is intuitive enough that, after reading the User's Guide that is available in the software's Help menu, most users have no trouble making full use of the system. We also offer unlimited technical support via phone, fax and e-mail at no additional cost, so you can always receive answers to any questions not answered in the User's Guide. Structural Material Manager is now installed in over 1,200 locations, and the User's Guide supplemented with free technical support has proven to be a winning combination in keeping costs low for our customers.

How often are upgrades released?

E.J.E. Industries, Inc. releases, on average, one major upgrade per year. As corrections and/or improvements are made to the system, all original purchasers are notified by U.S. Mail that a program upgrade is available. Purchasers may elect to receive the upgrade by submitting payment in the amount specified in the upgrade notice.

Under which Windows versions can Structural Material Manager be used?

Structural Material Manager supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and 10. Of course the corresponding "Server" versions of those operating systems such as Windows Server 2003, Server 2008 and Server 2012 are also supported.

How do I place an order?

E.J.E. accepts orders by phone, fax or e-mail. Most orders ship within 24-hours from the time they are placed.