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Structural Material Manager Version 12.4 Upgrade

Introduction: This information summarizes the improvements that have been made to the Version 12.4 Structural Material Manager software system.

Expanded Piece Mark Field: The biggest feature-adding change in 12.4 is the fact that the new version can accommodate piece marks of up to 19 characters in length. The previous limit of 9 characters was adequate for many years, but some firms have begun packing extra data into every piece mark thus requiring a longer field.

Windows 7 Performance Enhancements: Although not a visible feature per se, a dramatic change in the Version 12.4 Structural Material Manager upgrade involves Windows 7 performance enhancements. While these under-the-hood changes will increase performance under Windows 7, rest assured that they will in no way hamper a user's experience under Windows 2000, XP or Vista.

Upgrade Price Quote and Ordering Info: If you are an existing customer with an older Structural Material Manager version, please e-mail us at to obtain a price quote on the latest upgrade. You can then use the Online Upgrade Order Form to conveniently place the order for the latest Structural Material Manager upgrade.

Other Upgrade Versions: This page specifically covers Version 12.4 upgrade features. For information concerning other upgrade versions, visit our main Structural Material Manager upgrade page which contains links to pages describing improvements in each software release from Version 10.1 (circa 2007) to the present.