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Structural Material Manager Upgrades

Structural Material Manager is constantly being updated via two different types of upgrades: maintenance releases and feature-adding upgrades.

Maintenance releases - or "patches" as they are typically called - are included with your purchase as part of our free technical support policy; they are provided at no charge on our FTP site. Patches are constantly being released during the active lifetime of a major version. Eventually, as a version becomes obsolete, new patches are no longer offered for it, but the final maintenance release remains available on our Web site. For instance, Version 13. was discontinued many years ago, but registered Version 13.1 customers who never upgraded to newer major versions can still download the final 13.1 maintenance release - the Version 13.1z patch - at no charge.

Feature-adding upgrades are released less frequently than patches. As these upgrades become available, registered customers are notified that a new version is available. As a registered customer, you may elect to receive the upgrade by submitting payment in the amount specified in the upgrade notice. Your investment is thus protected by having access to inexpensive upgrades as new program versions are released.

Of course the current upograde inherits the improvements of all previous ones. For instance, if you invest in the Version 17.0 upgrade, you'll also benefit from the multi-CPU-core nesting introduced in Version 16.1, the shear-cut Plate-Nesting that debuted under Version 16.0, etc.

Click the appropriate link below to learn about the changes that were implemented in a particular upgrade version.

Version 17.0 Upgrade - The Production-Control Module's Master Shipper can be printed not only as a report or a set of adhesive labels, but it now can also be exported to an ASCII-delimited file. This allows the Master Shipper to be imported by Excel for custom processing of the material list's major marks (the shipping marks). Producing Q-A/Q-C Travelers in Excel is one of the main purposes of this new feature.

Version 16.1 Upgrade - Impressive performance improvements make the Version 16.1 Length-Nesting and Plate-Nesting Modules much faster without harming accuracy. To further enhance performance, the nesting algorithms have also been redesigned to simultaneously utilize multiple cores provided by modern CPUs; it's like having multiple computers nesting at the same time!

Version 16.0 Upgrade - A free-form plate-cutting pattern has always been provided by the system's Plate-Nesting Module. Version 16.0's Plate-Nesting Module introduces a new shear-cut pattern that has no reentrant cuts. User-specified thickness ranges make it easy to control whether a free-form or shear-compatible pattern is generated for a particular plate thickness.

Version 15.4 Upgrade - A TS-to-HSS conversion function makes it debut in the Version 15.4 Structural Material Manager system. You can now seamlessly switch back and forth between these two designations of square and rectangular tubes.

Version 15.3 Upgrade - The fourth installment in the 15.x-series of Structural Material Manager releases, Version 15.3 allows the application’s display to appear in radically different ways depending on each user’s preference. It also implements a new architecture that greatly improves speed and reliability when the application is run across a network.

Version 15.2 Upgrade - This upgrade adds a Mid-Ordinate Rise (Camber / M.O.) field for plates, expands the Mill Mark field, and adds numerous heavy-duty Bar Grating sizes.

Version 15.1 Upgrade - Ticket-specific header information is now stored so that when Shipping Tickets are later pulled up from the job's Production-Control history, the exact headers used for Ship Via, Shipment Tracking Number, etc. appear. Also, numerous new pipe-size HSS items have been added, collated reports can be stapled properly, and the External Data Interface elegantly handles KISS files that have missing and/or incorrect material type codes.

Version 15.0 Upgrade - Version 15.0 introduces PDF report generation without the need for any outside software such as Adobe Acrobat. Just "print" your reports to PDF using the built-in PDF generator, and you can easily e-mail them to colleagues.

Version 14.2 Upgrade - A major architectural change allows the system to now handle almost 10 million jobs. Not only has system capacity increased to such extraordinary levels, but managing folders and jobs is now easier than ever. Version 14.2 also introduces Windows 10 support.

Version 14.1 Upgrade - A free upgade to all customers who already own a Version 14.0 system, Version 14.1 serves as a roll-up of all Version 14.0 steel size additions and bug fixes.

Version 14.0 Upgrade - Don't limit the performance of your 64-bit Windows system by running outdated, 32-bit software! Version 14.0 introduces Structural Material Manager's 64-bit architecture.

Version 13.1 Upgrade - This upgrade is free to all Version 13.0 customers. It includes Windows 8.1 support and is the final 32-bit Structural Material Manager release.

Version 13.0 Upgrade - Windows 8 compatibility, KISS file import, enhanced material grades, multiple-monitor support, user-Defined foreground and background colors at the entry grid and printing of sequences on most reports.

Version 12.5 Upgrade - The HSS (Hollow Structural Sections) material type is now supported. A total of 495 HSS items have been implemented in the 12.5 upgrade's size library: 367 Square/Rectangular HSS items and 128 Round HSS items.

Version 12.4 Upgrade - Piece Marks can now be up to 19 characters long, and performance under Windows 7 has been increased.

Version 12.3 Upgrade - The "Edit Plate-Nesting Stocks" screen has been modernized to look and operate very much like the Material Entry Screen at which regular material items are entered.

Version 12.2 Upgrade - A Graphical User Interface has replaced the screens at which "Extended Estimating" values (paint coats, welding electrodes, etc.) are entered. Such values are now saved between sessions, and you have the option to define a set of default values.

Version 12.1 Upgrade - The screen at which items are priced is now implemented in a Graphical User Interface, and a button for stepping back to the previously-priced item has been added. The improvements benefit both modes of pricing items: automatically against a Master Price File and manually without the aid of such a file.

Version 12.0 Upgrade - Plates and Bars in a Structural Material Manager job can be made to follow a consistent Thickness x Width or Width x Thickness format via the new "Standardize Plate Descriptions" and "Standardize Bar Descriptions" functions.

Version 11.4 Upgrade - Gross material pricing instead of net pricing is achieved via a new "Build Buy List" dialog that exports stock items from a job's nested summary to a separate Structural Material Manager job.

Version 11.3 Upgrade - Easy switching between Plates and Bars is provided by a pair of new conversion dialogs.

Version 11.2 Upgrade - Windows 7 is now supported.

Version 11.1 Upgrade - The External Data Interface can now import ASCII-delimited files. The Length and Width fields can now be entered in a decimal format, and digital plan measure tools are now supported.

Version 11.0 Upgrade - The Graphical User Interface (GUI) concept has been brought to the External Data Interface. New steel sizes have been added, and system capacity has increased by over 500 jobs. Also, full-screen mode is now available for those still using the "classic" material entry screen.

Version 10.1 Upgrade - Click this link to see screen shots of the new Graphical User Interface (GUI) that has replaced the old material entry screen in Version 10.1.

Whereas the links above provide descriptions of some different upgrade versions, keep in mind that only the newest upgrade is ever actually available for purchase. That's not a problem since the latest upgrade always contains the features implemented by its predecessors. For example, suppose you own Structural Material Manager Version 11.4 and would like to upgrade to Version 13.0. Also suppose that you did not purchase the Version 12.0, 12.1, 12.2, 12.3, 12.4 and 12.5 upgrades that came between 11.4 and 13.0. There is no need to order those interim upgrades, as 13.0 contains all of their features. Of course your Version 13.0 upgrade price will be higher than for another customer who who did indeed purchase interim upgrades as they were released, as there is no financial incentive to skip an upgrade version. Still, the fact remains that you do not need to or install one or more "interim" CDs (Versions 12.0 through 12.5 in this example) in order to upgrade to the latest system. One upgrade CD - the latest version - is all you need.

If you are an existing customer with an older Structural Material Manager version, please e-mail us at to obtain a price quote on the latest upgrade. You can then use the Online Upgrade Order Form to conveniently place the order for the latest Structural Material Manager upgrade.