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Structural Material Manager Version 13.1 Upgrade

Windows 8

Introduction: The Version 13.1 Structural Material Manager software system is a free upgrade to all registered owners of its predecessor, Version 13.0. The Version 13.1 upgrade provides:

  • Windows 8.1 support
  • A roll-up of all Version 13.0 steel size additions
  • A roll-up of all Version 13.0 error corrections plus some new ones
  • The final 32-bit-only application for customers who will not be migrating to 64-bit Structural Material Manager

Details of these individual topics are presented below.


Windows 8 Compatibility: Version 13.0 was the first Structural Material Manager system that was compatible with Windows 8. Late in Version 13.0's lifecycle, Microsoft released Windows 8.1 and made it available to all Windows 8 users at no charge. Windows 8.1 compatibility was then added to Structural Material Manager's Version 13.0y maintenance release. The two final Version 13.0 releases - Version 13.0y and Version 13.0z - were thus compatible with not only Windows 8 but also Windows 8.1.

All Version 13.1 releases from the initial 13.1a forward are of course Windows 8.1-compatible. Since Version 13.1 is a free upgrade to all Version 13.0 customers, it makes sense to install it rather than wondering whether your Version 13.0 system is of a new enough maintenance release to be 8.1-compatible. Simply install Version 13.1, and you can be assured of compatibility with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1.

Roll-up of Version 13.0 Additional Steel Sizes: The Version 13.0 Structural Material Manager system had an exceptionally long lifecycle. It was feature-rich enough that there was no rush to replace it. It did, however, have some new steel sections added to its size libraries along the way. New sizes were introduced in several of the Version 13.0 maintenance releases, and the free Version 13.1 upgrade includes them all.


Roll-up of Version 13.0 Error Corrections: Not only did the Version 13.0 Structural Material Manager system receive some new steel sizes during its extended lifecycle, but it also benefitted from occasional error-corrections. Version 13.1 serves as a roll-up of all the bug fixes made in the 13.0 series as well as some new corrections made in 13.1a and later releases.


Final 32-Bit Edition: Nearly all new PCs now come with some 64-bit edition of Windows instead of the once-commonplace 32-bit Windows. If your Windows operating system is 64-bit, it naturally makes sense to take advantage of that power by running 64-bit software. Accordingly, Version 13.1 is the final Structural Material Manager system that is strictly 32-bit. Beginning with Version 14.0, the software is based on a 64-bit architecture.


Upgrade Price Quote and Ordering Info: If you are an existing customer with an older Structural Material Manager version, please e-mail us at to obtain a price quote on the latest upgrade. You can then use the Online Upgrade Order Form to conveniently place the order for the latest Structural Material Manager upgrade.


Other Upgrade Versions: This page specifically covers Version 13.1 upgrade features. For information concerning other upgrade versions, visit our main Structural Material Manager upgrade page which contains links to pages describing improvements in each software release from Version 10.1 (circa 2007) to the present.