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Structural Material Manager Version 14.2 Upgrade

Windows 10

Introduction: Enhancements in Structural Material Manager Version 14.2 focus on the manner in which folders and jobs are handled. Capacity has increased dramatically while flexibility and convenience have improved.


Increased Folder and Job Capacity: The earliest Structural Material Manager systems (those up through Version 5.5) supported 26 folders of 26 jobs for a total of 676 possible jobs. Versions 6.0 through 10.1 could handle 46 folders each containing 46 jobs; that meant 2,116 jobs were available. This increased to 52 folders of 52 jobs under Version 11.0, and the resulting limit of 2,704 possible jobs remained in effect through Version 14.1 inclusive. While these incremental increases over the years were helpful, something more was needed to handle the needs of network installations.

Thanks to an underlying architectural change, the Version 14.2 upgrade shatters previous folder and job limits. Structural Material Manager Version 14.2 can contain 9,999 folders of 9,999 jobs for a grand total of 99,980,001 jobs. With just under 100 million possible jobs, you're sure to always have room to create a new folder and/or job to organize projects however you prefer.


More Flexible Inventory Nesting: You can now nest into inventory files located outside the Inventory / Pricing folder. Previously, any source of inventory was assumed to be in that special folder. While Inventory / Pricing is still the default choice, you are now free to browse out to other folders where inventory might be stored. One of the most obvious uses of this new capability involves storing job-specific inventory in the same folder as the job itself.


Ability to Delete Non-empty Folders: When deleting folders, Structural Material Manager enforced a restriction in systems through Version 14.1 inclusive: all jobs within the folder had to be deleted before the folder could be removed. This was done to prevent the accidental erasure of a large number of jobs that could occur if a folder was mistakenly deleted. Although ultra-safe, this restriction did lead to a slow process of deleting a folder's jobs one-by-one until they were all gone and the folder could finally be deleted.

Version 14.2 lifts the restriction discussed above. You can now delete a folder that still contains jobs, and all jobs within that folder will be deleted. To avoid the possibility of inadvertently removing jobs, the system asks twice for confirmation before deleting a non-empty folder.


Windows 10 Compatibility: Version 14.2d was the first Structural Material Manager system that was compatible with Windows 10. In July of 2015, while Structural Material Manager Version 14.2c was the current system, Microsoft released Windows 10 and made it available to all Windows 7 and 8/8.1 users at no charge. Windows 10 compatibility was then added to Structural Material Manager's Version 14.2d maintenance release. Of course Version 14.2 retains compatibility with Windows XP, Visa, 7 and 8/8.1.

Upgrade Price Quote and Ordering Info: If you are an existing customer with an older Structural Material Manager version, please e-mail us at to obtain a price quote on the latest upgrade. You can then use the Online Upgrade Order Form to conveniently place the order for the latest Structural Material Manager upgrade.


Other Upgrade Versions: This page specifically covers Version 14.2 upgrade features. For information concerning other upgrade versions, visit our main Structural Material Manager upgrade page which contains links to pages describing improvements in each software release from Version 10.1 (circa 2007) to the present.